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Degree Assessment


Verification of Qualifications and Experience

The Council will verify applicant’s academic qualifications, professional registration and experience, and identity with the issuing institutions, organisations, and individuals. This may include verification of references. In the case of the applicant’s academic qualification and professional registration, verification must be received from an official university source and professional registration body respectively.

If the Council does not receive a response to its inquiries from official sources, or is otherwise not satisfied with part or all of the verification, the Council may, depending on the individual circumstances, either decline the application, or impose further study or training, additional to that which would have been imposed if verification had been received.
The applicant should also be aware that if the relevant body which issued his/her qualifications delays in responding to the Council’s verification request, this will cause delay in the processing of the application.

The applicant may apply to the Council for a review if s/he can provide satisfactory verification details. The application fee covers the cost of initial verification. The fee for review will cover further investigative work that is done to verify the applicant’s overseas qualifications. However, these fees do not cover the fees that the outside universities may charge for providing verification. Please note that the application fees and review fees are non-refundable.

After an application is received, it is checked for completeness by Secretariat of the Council. A letter acknowledging receipt of the application together with a receipt for payment is sent to the applicant. Applicants will be advised if any further material is required.
The application is then referred to the Council for a comprehensive assessment of the applicant’s qualifications and experience.  The Council will then notify applicant of its determination.

Please take note of the following:-CLE examinations are written twice a year. The first examinations sitting takes place in June and the second session takes place in November every year.
Note that you are required to write a letter of notification listing the subjects that you wish to register and point the subject(s) that you would have been exempted.  Also indicate the university and country where you obtained your LLB degree as well as the year of commencement of your study and the year you completed your LLB degree.  NOTE THAT YOUR LETTER MUST BE SIGNED FOR IT TO BE CONSIDERED VALID. The Letter must be addressed to The Secretary CLE. Include your email address and telephone number(s) on the letter. Submit your notification letter in person to our offices or send by email the notification letter together with your proof of payment of Registration Fees within the stipulated deadline. Use email addresses or or
Once an application is submitted to the Council, Council will examine it and makes a decision on the application. The applicant will then be notified via email of the outcome on his or her application. Once an applicant pays for the examinations, the Council will provide NO refund for withdrawals/deferring or for whatever reason because the monies so paid will have been used towards the administration costs of the examinations.

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